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Self-value is the Ultimate Self Care.

Are you a person that is quick to notice/celebrate what's great in others and overlook what's good in you?

Have you paused to think and ask, what do I appreciate and value in myself?

What if you extended yourself the same care and appreciation that you extend to those closest to you?

When it comes to being our best and caring for ourselves, these are critical questions to look at.

If you value a da Vinci painting, you focus on its beauty and design more than the cracks in the paint, and, above all, you treat it well, making sure that it is maintained in ideal conditions and shielded from direct lighting
Similarly, people with high self-value appreciate their own better qualities (even while trying to improve their lesser ones) and take care of their physical and psychological health, growth, and development.

Caring for ourselves well is fully acknowledging who we are limits and strengths, capitalizing on strengths and celebrating them.

It means we take time for ourselves, learning to say "no "and managing our "yes" (Read-what-Brene-says-here)

It means we are patient with ourselves and others being gentle when we or others come up short.

It means we learn how to ask for help when we need it.

it's about acknowledging who you are in an honest and truthful way. Why? Read more about it here.

Bottom Line: Valuing yourself is just good self-care. This not only affects you internally, but it ripples out to your whole life, your work, and your family!

Sometimes getting to this new place, where we see ourselves clearly, truly value who we are, and are moving forward, requires some work. The right person, someone who cares, will help you stay focused and help you to see yourself clearly, even when you cannot. I would love to be that person for you!

This week look for opportunities to honor and respect your strengths and values; weaknesses too. Honoring your weaknesses might sound tricky, but the reality is we all have them. The trick is not to get stuck there. Stay attentive, to avoid getting stuck. Observe them without condemning yourself, redirect your attention to the good. Remember to be gentle with yourself; you're human! There will be less than stellar moments on this journey called life. Aim for progress, not perfection! Stay patient. Celebrate the wins.

I'd love you to reach out if you found this post helpful. Or inquire and learn more about how we can help by leaving a message at


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