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Ready for Summer 2020?

Typically June is the end of the school year, yet this year has been anything but typical. Even so, it's helpful to prepare for a daily rhythm and routine to keep everyone functioning and at their (overall) best.

Setting up your summer for success.

Family rhythm = Summer success (read here) and if you have middle schoolers or teenagers this can take some fine-tuning.

Over-all a basic rhythm keeps a family synchronized. Consistency leads to familiarity and this helps things to run smoothly. It creates an anchor helping us function at our best and as caregivers, we anchor others so they can also function at their best. This looks different for everyone so getting clear on how this looks for you and your family is vital. Keep reading and clarify what this is for you.

What do you need to feel steady and at your best?

Take some time to reflect, find a quiet place and think it over. Schedule a meeting with your husband or your trusted comrade and discuss what a typical week could look like.

Start with a list and break down:

  • daily tasks.

  • weekly tasks.

Other things to think and reflect over are the needs of your family.

Know your family's needs.

  • what nurtures them, brings out the best in them?

  • what positive connections will you and they want to maintain?

  • what activities do they love?

  • people, they enjoy?

  • boundaries they'll need?

After having spent some time thinking about your needs and your family's needs. Plan to meet and talk about the summer. The trick is making sure to get everyone on board early. Give your family or loved ones the heads up, sit down (mark it on the calendar) and get their input on what a successful/realistic summer routine can look like, helping everyone to stay at their best. Find ways to celebrate your successes along the way.

Finding your rhythm as a family can take some fine-tuning especially with middle schoolers and teenagers. Grab this free download that breaks down resources such as:

  • Your calendar

  • Weekly Check-in's

  • Transition times

  • Boundaries and expectations

  • Noticing

Go here for your free copy. These tips are for playing with as you fine-tune your weekly rhythm with your family. It encourages healthy communication and behaviours for supporting everyone's best.

Or check out the e-book for an in-depth resource with 8 steps to keep your busy family functioning healthy and thriving this summer.

Summer Rhythm best tips



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