Don't Seat Fear at the Head.

Emotion don't sit at the head of the table

We may not be able to control Coronavirus or any other illnesses, but there are life practices and rhythms that will keep us strong and at our best helping ward off ill-thinking or ill-health.

Social media, the internet, news stations; thrive on a crisis. And why not, it makes a great headline, it drives internet traffic and catches scrolling eyes and ears. It's a big business. Sadly, all at the expense of our wellbeings.

Here's the thing. You may not have control over others or even the world, but you can control what you think and do. You have a choice and you can choose well. Read on.

Seven best tip tips to manage fear and stay well
Seven best stips to keeping well and managing fear

1. Turn It Off - Don't Click on emotion-driven headlines.

Emotions are a great way to enhance our lives, but they should never rule the day. As Emily P Freedman said in one of her recent podcasts,(here) Emotions are allowed a seat at the table; they're just not allowed a seat at the head."

"Emotions are allowed a seat at the table; they're just not allowed a seat at the head." - Emily P Freedman

Speaking in integrated wellness terms, let's consider our WHOLE minds. Fear and panic flood our minds limiting our thinking capacity.

In a world that feels more like it's on steroids, and an all-access, all the time, "ready", "aim", "fire", "shoot" kind-of-world, how can we manage these outside forces from taking up residence in our hearts, souls and minds? Society today feeds off of and are empowered by your clicks. Don't do it. Rather, unsubscribe. Don't click. Turn it off, or change the dial. We need to be prepared to say NO. Enough, and draw a line.

The noise coming at us can shut down whole-brain thinking and keep us on a hyperdrive.

Manage stress with whole brain thinking

Here's a little bit of neuroscience. These two circles above are the left and right hemispheres of our brain. Both have separate functions but work together, giving us more/better-thinking function. By setting the environment, we can use our whole mind. These two hemispheres overlapping in the middle; this is where integration happens; the two sides cause a third mind named "wise mind." But guess what? This Integrated third mind can only be accessed in reflective, meditative states. It's in being still and finding calm that prepares us to think with our whole brain. Setting the environment is vital for this to happen. So no distractions. Instead, retreat from all modes of modern-day activity. Turn it off!


Lighting a candle, pouring a hot bath, tea, essential oils; this helps set an environment to prepare us for retreat.

2. Practice Mindfulness.

As our minds are tuning out the outside world, pay attention and notice what's going on within us. Be curious, without using judgment, what emotions are coming up for you? What are they trying to say? Validate them. Then with your thinking brain assess them. Create a plan by using the left side planning and rational thinking. If you are fearful, your left brain needs to reassure you, you are safe.

Stay diligent to keep taking care of you and tend to your best. Read on.

3. What Brings you Joy.

The world may run on steroids, but you don't have to partake. What hobbies & activities give you a sense of purpose, meaning or pleasure. We are spiritual, relational creatures. We can access joy and reinforces our wellness.

4. Stay Active.

Staying active is critical to keeping our minds and bodies healthy. Physical activity helps keep our mental, immune, bone, hormone, and sleep health stay sharp. Stay active and notice a boost in your mind and positive emotions.

What's your favourite kind of activity?

5. Stay Nutritious.

Choose foods that are colour-rich; kale, spinach, parsley, sweet potatoes, berries. Pick nutrient-dense foods packed of minerals and vitamins for a strong healthy mind and immune system.

If you are active in making all the right lifestyle choices, you can trust your choices to make you stronger. Stay confident and in control of your self and your decisions.

6. Find Humour.

Humour is also a great way to lighten the crazy. Be willing to laugh at the absurd. It's also packed with health benefits. Like, helping reverse stress hormones, easing tensions, boosting immunity, building emotional resilience. It helps us stay optimistic. It reverses/shifts extremes mindsets to better-balanced thinking.

7. This Will Pass.

Being in a hyper-connected world can make us all feel a bit crazy.

Give yourself permission to disengage and remind yourself this will pass.

By engaging in the above practices can make a huge difference in activating our best. It will help keep ourselves in a positive state of mind. While the world outside may be "losing their minds" (quite literally), we can stay on top of our wellness practices, staying steady, productive, in sound mind and at our best.

Photo credit: yi sk Unsplash.

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