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Claiming Ownership

I have a word for this new year. In 2020 the theme I'll be practicing is ownership. 

I value progress, and progress always starts with ownership.

Do you ever feel stuck somewhere? Where you're hitting the same bump or obstacle, and you begin to feel defeated by it. In my reflections (here) I noticed this was a repeating theme through 2019.

Then there was January and the transition from holiday mode to work and writing. It started with a spat with Facebook.  I use Facebook as part of this business and for networking, but it's also a vortex of endless access to things that lead to nowhere. I was annoyed.  I could see it was using me rather than I was using it.  It was causing me to be less productive. So Facebook and I had to have a little chat. 

But isn't life like that? Life can overwhelm or consume me if I'm not managing it. It begins to DO you rather than you Doing it. Like when something owns you, rules you, dictates you and runs your thoughts... 

Several things can be in play, bumping us off track like e.g.

  • You've taken on too much and lost your focus.

  • You've got multiple balls in the air; you're spread thin.

  • Your focus is on others and, you've overlooked yourself.

  • You're caught in a story or a belief that's faulty.

  • Life has thrown a curb ball. 

Taking ownership over something is to recognize that something's not working, and to change it. I accept the story as this IS my reality, and how will I move forward to problem solve it. It is the willingness to learn, adapt, and find the information or support that you need not to stay stuck.

So for me, I'm putting boundaries on Facebook, and other internet uses.

Facebook is just one of the examples, but there are others.

Stepping up takes courage to respond and take action.  Admittedly, I am more prone to being avoidant, I enjoy being in my comfort, so this is decently significant for me. Hence why I'm claiming the word "ownership" and challenging myself to continue to take step(s) through the year 2020.  That's what progress is after all.  Although in the theme of comfort, I'm pacing myself, I'll be taking baby steps, which is more my pace.

If you start small enough, it doesn't have to feel so overwhelming.  My small step: I've bought a little digital timer.  Anytime I use Facebook, I give myself a set amount of time to avoid getting caught in Facebook's many rabbit trails and stay on track with the other things I want to accomplish.



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