Helpful Family Hacks for a Smoother Less Stressful Week provides you with practical tools and thoughtful tips for moms juggling multiple roles or hats.  This 23-page e-book will provide you with a framework to support a diverse set of family needs moms are managing.   Begin to build your toolbox with sharpened strategies to give your family the best of you and each other so you can rest a little easier with each new season your family enters.


Jennifer S. teacher and mom of three says ~


"8 Steps to less Stress can help you reevaluate how your daily routines are helping your family stay connected even when you’re moving in different directions. Julie encourages her readers to embrace themselves as they are, set aside self-shaming and ‘disarm the lies’ that keep you from being who you were created to be. Children look to us to secure strategies for navigating a tough world and as parents, we want to model healthy behaviours toward self and others. Julie offers practical tools to celebrate our differences as individuals and yet come together with the love and understanding that we all crave. ‘Step into your worth’ and experience a more peaceful life with those that mean the most to you."

Moms weekly toolbox empowering your busy family to not just survive but thrive.