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Keep Valentine's Simple.

Debby Hudson, Unsplash

Simple is often best. If your mind is already full of tasks and keeping up, let's keep valentines

simple and uncomplicated.

Why not look at it through the lens of what would be meaningful to your loved one(s)?

What's one small thing you know will honour them? Something that says, I see you and you matter.

Consider their love language. Not everyone receives love in the same way. For it to be meaningful, honour who they are. A small act of kindness in the form of their love language is a gift that will go the distance. Depositing into their character is meaningful, soul-enriching, and may even reverberate outward to others.

Take the quiz below and discover your kids or significant other.

If this is not the year for celebratory, that's okay too. There is a season for all things. Grant yourself permission of self-kindness — Grant yourself, what you need for this season.

Perhaps something as small as making your family's favourite meal. Like Spaghetti. This little action can be something everyone will appreciate and enjoy. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just motivated because you care and you want to acknowledge your loved ones.

Glen Carrie, Unsplash

Happy Valentine's week.

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