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Seven Principles that Impact

Don’t know what to expect from coaching? Keep reading!

There are key factors that set up a successful, productive relationship. Integrative health practitioners and coaches align with a set of principles that empower sustainable growth. The following principles are core to my practice:

1. Partnership - Built on trust, mutual partnership is key. You are the expert of you, the captain over your life and health. The more keen and willing a person is to learn for better the better the partnership works. Coaches come with a coaching skillset. Trained to listen, observe, and customize their approach. They seek to elicit strategies and solutions from the client.  Coaching supports to enhance skills, resources, and creativity. I walk alongside as an ally, championing you and seeing the best parts of you.

2. Empowerment - Emphasizes self-responsibility and active participation in your life. We tap into your strengths, values and vision for your life. We seek to leverage your best qualities. We explore whats possible, looking at ways to take steps for empowerment.

3. Honour - Seeks to honour you and respect your unique needs and circumstances.

4. Active - Continually striving, discovering, growing, becoming, and adapting throughout life.

5. Harmony - Seeks to restore balance and integrity. Creates Perspective, re-frames, and retools for better balance.

6. Trust - Trust in you. Believes in you. You have abilities and capacity to grow, adapt, and overcome as you increase in strength and potential.

7. Supports - Fostering a safe environment to allow for self-exploration and self-development.

These principles help set up a productive relationship. Reaching maximum results works when clients are coachable. The more engaged a client is in the process, the better the results for those who are keen and willing to use it to it's fullest capacity.

Coaching encourages you to KNOW THYSELF. There is always more to be discovered. Look here for example. Coaches can guide you to look closely at needs, values, and strengths. This unearths purpose, meaning, and significance. Discovering this you'll find new motivation, fulfillment, and satisfaction for a strong engaged life.

Consider all the choices and information the average person faces today. It is highly disorientating. Here is an article that speaks to this challenge. The coaching process organizes, cutting through the noise and frenzy, reorienting on what matters to you. It keeps your focus there instead of becoming distracted, being disrupted by the wrong things. It works for you to leverage the good, strengthening them. While you are getting stronger, more capable; you are learning things about yourself that you might not have known possible. The process unleashes new motivation, new energy; seeing things with new eyes.

People are not inanimate objects. We have highly personalized needs and natures. If you are ready to take it to the next level, get to know yourself and book a coaching session.

Think of a time you had a personal ally to walk along side you. Did you come away stronger, more resolute? What are were some helpful tools that worked?

res·o·lute - purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

If you would like a qualified personal ally/coach to strengthen and support you, test it out for yourself. Call me and ask me your questions. Contact us. Or e-mail me at Or follow along with Refresh Coaching's facebook page and follow the research and science based articles along with encouragement and best tips to stay strong and at your best.

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