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Post Christmas Prep Breakdown.

Three teenagers, and the added busy that comes with the holidays can tire me mentally, spiritually and even physically. I talked all about it in this last blog post.

I know, for me, it doesn't take much to put me off kilter. What I really want is to take care of myself by maintaining margin and this lets me tend to my family better. Margin means I don’t spread myself too thin. I create margin by building a “working plan” and this helps me to manage the busy Christmas season. I talked through the plan with my family and we agreed upon routines to keep the house running smoothly. My plan is to check-in week to week and get feedback on how my family is managing through the week.

Christmas prepping
Photo by Upsplash - Photo Design Studio

I recently posted seven prompts to Instagram and facebook under the acronym ACHIEVE so you too can set your home up for success using the same prompts.

This past Sunday I shared my experience implementing ACHIEVE to build a fluid Christmas to site members. You can see it and grab a PDF of the recipe I used. Go to this link drop your e-mail and I‘ll send it to you. If you follow each step, putting it into action, you will minimize the busy and function together a bit more fluidly this season. Grab some tea, download the PDF and start making your plan to keeping your Christmas running a little more smoothly while honoring your needs as well as your teenagers.

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