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One year ago...

One year ago, this October, I officially launched Refresh Coaching with little knowledge about marketing and running a business. I committed to taking each day as it came to learn.

And guess what? I'm still learning.

But my heart is the same.

-- To coach, serve and inspire others with a focus on moms and caregivers to realize, honour and care for their innate strength and value.

The mission: to bring out your best and equip you to serve effectively. Today we are subject to the 24/7 information available at our fingertips.

The increase of choice and option along with a vocal society, feeding us a steady stream of story, on top of unconscious whispers that don't belong, and the multiple hats we wear, takes a dizzying toll and distracts our minds and hearts.

It is this clutter that creates real-life challenges for our wellbeing.

Thank you for your support, shared stories and liked posts on facebook that help encourage each other to keep going on this continued renewal of our best. I look forward to evolving with you into the next year to come.

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