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Warning: December Prepping Underway, Making Room for Delight This Season.

One of my earliest Christmas memories (age 4) was helping my mom set up the nativity. A red table cloth with gold tinsel draped around a circular table sat in the front entrance of our home. On top of that table sat a nativity scene stuffed of straw lay animal figures, shepherds, Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus; pine cones and wood further decorated the scene. I can still remember the delight of that moment watching as it came together in our front entrance. 

The nativity scene and my younger sister. Early Christmas memories.

Christmas through a child's eyes are filled with magical moments, and I (loved the excitement of the season --- in fact, I still do!) was enamored by all things Christmas throughout my childhood.

I hope to continue to cultivate the delight this Christmas. But my own overwhelm in this added season of busy and three teenagers could inhibit my doing this well.

These photos above are me from a very early age. I don't remember this occasion, but I can see the delight in the eyes of not only my parents but a very young child. These photographs give a sense of warmth and gratitude. These are the moments we treasure and fill us with heartwarming delight

So, I've been thinking about how I want Christmas to look this year.   How will I make room for memories to be made? Today, I've teenagers. They've their own set of ideas opinions and, frankly can add to the overwhelm of the season.

Mental Prepping.

If I don't have a plan, I'm like a boat without a rudder, taken wherever the current carries me. Any number of possible outcomes could derail me for the season, so I'm putting the groundwork down ahead of December before I'm into the thick of the season and thinking intentionally of what I'd like to accomplish overall.

Would you like to join me?

Create a fluid plan for Christmas

I've set up an Instagram account. I have seven action steps to set up the holiday season for success. Beginning Nov 24th I'd love it if you'd join along as each day I add an actionable step for getting the team, oops.. family ;) ready for the holiday season.   

Looking forward to setting up holiday moments with some added touches of delight and hopefully minimizing the stress and busy that inevitably comes along with it. I am in this with you, juggling the responsibilities, the day to day, staying the course to bring out a more fluid holiday season.



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