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"Know Thyself"

We need positive emotions to balance out our negative bia's our hard-wire brains are alert to. We need positive emotions if we’re to engage and nurture the best parts of ourselves.

Know thyself to counter negative emotions

Being a mom, I need to choose wisely, or my family doesn’t have an attentive mom. It's up to me to steward my best. I have to pay attention to what's occupying my mind and heart amongst all the clamour (COVID or no COVID) and the competing noise and whispers in my ears...

But here are four things I can do to manage the forces competing for my attention.

1. The first one is to “know thyself. Become an expert on how you’re wired. Understand yourself deeply. Like a CEO that oversees a company, they need to know whats the best way to support the company to succeed.

2. Pay respect to yourself. Understand the things that deplete you and the things that make you come alive. Respect these things about you. Pay attention to them. Accept the way you are wired. Draw boundary lines around what is most valuable to you and respect those boundaries.

3. Writing. One of the best ways we can deepen our relationship with ourselves is through writing. Writing, journaling, scribbling our thoughts down work to organize and clarify our thoughts. Journaling strengthens our words, perspectives and describes who we are and who we're not. Vital in "knowing ourselves" It builds up our self-recognition. Embrace a learner's frame of mind through every life circumstance, good ones and lessons to be learned.

4. Hang out with ourselves. We need to get curious. Seek to understand the very soul that's inside us. We are incredibly unique, complex beings. Like snowflakes, we're all diverse, no two the same. Approach yourself the way you would a good friend, having their backs. Kindness, empathy, support and understanding. Make room for your mistakes. Mistakes offer valuable information in our learning and growth.

Truthfully, a relationship with ourselves is work. The same way it is to be married, to be a friend or a daughter, our relationship with our faith and our creator is also nurtured. The creator of your soul knows you deeply. He knows the potential that is already there. He waits to be invited into your process and cheers you on in the self-discovery of knowing yourself more deeply. He has your back and wants the best for you. All these relationships have one thing in common: effort.

In an effort to manage and bring my best, I put together some simple questions that help explore the heart and soul of you and strengthen the language that describes you so you can continue to steward the nooks and crannies of your whole: heart/soul, mind and body. I'd love for you to join me and grab the journal prompts here. Each question should have you writing for approx 5 min. They are short and sweet and get right to the heart of what's true within you. I'd love to have you follow along as I share more on Instagram.

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