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How I'm Un-Inviting Overwhelm this Holiday Season

The other day I jumped on Facebook and a live news video was running. It was shortly after the US election, the news was in constant development and something was dropping. I paid attention and in a “short minute”, I felt "the blood rise up in me.”

Immediately I was flooded and thought, what is wrong with the world!?. Why does it have to be one drama after another?

Fast forward to later that day, I caught ear of our province's Premier uttering the words "shut down" which he's been adamantly against for weeks. But the rise in COVID numbers had them waving the red flag.

More panic. More emotions.

I had intended to start the week with all forms of Christmas prep. But the news flooded my thoughts and now there were a lot of other things swirling around in my mind. Christmas mixed in with the tunes of Covid and politics leaves a bitter taste. I slipped into grief and overwhelm over the upcoming season.

I’m quite willing to accept that there are realities going on in our world today beyond my control. I know that there is little I can do to change what is happening no matter how upsetting they are. However, these news reports caught me off guard and sent me down a path. The question I began to ask is: What do I have control over?

The crazy isn't going away. The crazy that's going on in the world is outside of my control.

So what is in my control?

my own,

  • words

  • thoughts

  • actions

What outside of my control?

other peoples,

  • words

  • actions

  • behaviours.

But back to where I was originally starting my week: Christmas Prep.

This experience has shown me I'm vulnerable to the outside forces that are going on around me. So, to protect myself, I'm thinking about what boundaries I need to put into place not only so I can stay in my good thinking brain, but stay present to what's important to me and my family.

I created a resource, a guide that helps me form a cleared out path for this upcoming season. Knowing what’s important and not important is helping me get clear on what to: watch, avoid, and pay special attention to; those meaningful moments that are important.

A little preparation by examining the things that are truly important allows us to prioritize what is meaningful. By understanding our values, we can prepare our minds for the upcoming season and how we want to show up.

If you find yourself in the same environment of distractions, check out this free resource ☝️☝️a PDF download that will help you replace your overwhelmed mindset with renewed clarity for a truly Merry Christmas this year.

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