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Christmas Care

Are you going to be authentic with yourself this Christmas?

As I reflect the snow is gently falling outside, the Christmas tree is lit, and I have Christmas oldies playing in the background bestowing a deep sense of nostalgia.

There are many things that I value about Christmas...

...but I enjoy the season best when I live it authentically; living in step with who I am.

How do you stay at your best this Christmas? How do you keep stress and frenzy “out” and the joy and peace that you value ”in” Christmas?

Answer: Values check.

Before you're into the thick of the season, take time to reflect on what is most meaningful (your values) this time of year. Write them down. Your values are like guide rails that help keep you on course. Values help create priorities, and priorities help set actions for what's most important to you. As you schedule events, check-in and ask yourself: how does this align with my values and the priorities I've set for this month? Do they align, or are they distracting you from what you intended for this Christmas season?

Stay mindfully aware. Give yourself permission to ”simplify the season”.

Here’s an exercise: ask yourself...

1. What are your values this season?

(eg: being present, family, maintaining fitness and weight, experiencing solitude, etc...)

2. What do you consider your highest 2 or 3 priorities?

3. What actions will support my values?

(eg: doing less, not attending that event, daily walks, activities that bring me joy and fufillment)

It may be helpful to reflect on past years. What went well? What didn't go well?

You won't live in your values 100% of the season (progress not perfection), but do acknowledge the effort you make. Take note and revist again next year.



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